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Developing digital solutions for user
Developing digital solutions for user

The objectives

For the citizen, a wider range of digital services provided represents:

- time saved for those who want to access services 24/7;
- unified access to government information;
- an alternative or an addition to a physical office or counter or the telephone, with the same guarantees regarding data security and confidentiality.

More accessible services

Services are now increasingly accessible through a multiplicity of channels:

  • websites;
  • interactive terminals;
  • mobile applications.

Digital public services are one of the components of the multi-channel one-stop shop, just like the telephone or a physical office or counter.

A person behind each transaction

Although information and requests are submitted by users via the interface of a website, e-mail or a terminal, they are processed by a real person at the agency or institution to which the request was addressed. It is still possible to make direct contact with that person by going to an office or counter, by calling the agency concerned or by e-mail.

3950 reads