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Public Innovation Week: French administration is changing!
Public Innovation Week: French administration is changing!

For the last three years the French state has annually devoted one whole week to honouring a public sector on the move for the benefit of all users (individuals, employers, voluntary-sector officials, as well as public-sector employees: public servants, public buyers, etc.).

What is public innovation?

Public innovation is a current that is sweeping through the French public sector: it denotes government on the move, fostering innovation in public services, from the planning stage through to implementation of French public policy.

French public services are changing!

Government is modernising, and the French state is at the forefront of innovation in certain fields. The third Public Innovation Week, organised in November 2016 across the whole of France, highlighted all the projects and innovative measures developed in French public services. It was intended to offer a snapshot of the collective energy driving innovative public servants.

Before Public Innovation Week, each authority or partner of an authority in France is able to suggest an event for inclusion. A planning committee run by the SGMAP assesses the potential of each event to determine whether or not it should form part of the programme.

The 2016 Public Innovation Week offered an opportunity for open dialogue and cooperation between public-sector staff and citizens. The programme was open to everyone and every aspect of innovation. It allowed staff and the general public to:

  • Discover and understand what was covered by public innovation, the new methods of designing French public policy that it offers and the objectives that it is pursuing (service quality improvement, change management, development of digital government, etc.);
  • Meet the men and women who were innovating in the French public sector;
  • Take part in designing new public services, help to improve them and grasp the implications of public-sector innovation for government change in the twenty-first century.


Public Innovation Week partners

French local authorities, public-sector operators and government departments organised events and meetings in every region of France. Managed by the SGMAP, programme planning was coordinated with La 27e Région (a change and innovation lab for government in France) and the General Commission for Regional Equality (a prime ministerial department that ensures that national policy is implemented nationwide).

The 2016 Public Innovation Week was an opportunity to highlight public-sector players and their partners that are innovating by other means: by involving users and staff differently, by making use of new branches of knowledge and creative methods, by taking more meaningful action and by building new types of cooperation with the private sector.


3928 reads