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Government is changing with digital technology: France Connect, a universal online access to public services
Government is changing with digital technology: France Connect, a universal online access to public services

Since 2015, guided by the SGMAP, France Connect has been providing  public service users with a login system that is recognised by every authority offering online services. Its purpose: to simplify users’ relations with public authorities in general.

With France Connect  public service users now have access to a single identification and authentication system for all procedures.

Connecting accounts rather than replacing them

The system is based on the same principles as Facebook Connect. With the latter, a user uses his or her Facebook account to log in to a wide range of applications – to be specific, applications whose accounts have been connected to Facebook.
Similarly, France Connect offers individuals, professionals and representatives of businesses and not-for-profit organisations a log-in mechanism recognised by all digital public services available in France. Far from attempting to replace the various public suppliers of identification, France Connect is meant to connect their accounts.

A France Connect button to avoid the need for new accounts

When  users access the home page of an authority (a city council, for example) whose login system is already connected to France Connect, they can either enter their username and password for that specific website or click on the France Connect button.

Compliance with eIDAS

France Connect also brings France into line with the European Union’s eIDAS (Electronic Identification and Signature) Regulation, which provides for the interoperability of identification systems used by EU member states for accessing their online services.

A key component of Government as a Platform

France Connect is an integral part of the ‘Government as a Platform’ project, which is intended to open up government in France to digital technology in order to offer citizens better public services. Managed by the SGMAP, Government as a Platform aims to introduce new digital public services that are based on better data flow between authorities and are entirely under users’ control.

In this respect, France Connect will guarantee that the service is delivered to the right person and will allow users to oversee the flows of data that relate to them.

6351 reads