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Our activities

Our activities
Our activities

Discover how the SGMAP is working to modernise French administration and drive innovation through open data and digital opportunities for a better response to user needs.

Data driven growth: report of the UK-France Data Taskforce
In the fall of 2015, the French and British governments launched a taskforce (read our article, in French) to look further into the issue of data...
Evaluating public policy
Improving public-sector performance in the long run is a key concern for the French government.
Simplification of regulation and administrative procedures  – a programme decided at the highest level of the French state and coordinated...
Government is changing with digital technology: France Connect, a universal online access to public services
Since 2015, guided by the SGMAP, France Connect has been providing  public service users with a login system that is recognised by every...
Public Innovation Week: French administration is changing!
For the last three years the French state has annually devoted one whole week to honouring a public sector on the move for the benefit of all users (...
Applying behavioural insights to public policies
Based on the lessons of psychology and behavioural economics, ‘nudges’ are used to gently influence behaviour. Employed to guide users...
The State Modernisation School
Promoted by the SGMAP, the State Modernisation School is an interministerial school set up in 2011 to provide support for the leading players in...