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France's open Government commitment

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France national action plan for Open Government
France national action plan for Open Government

In April 2014, France joined the Open Government Partnership (OGP), a multilateral initiative bringing together representatives of governments, NGOs and civil society from a range of countries. Designed jointly by civil society and public authorities, its first national action plan for transparent and collaborative government was published in July 2015.

Twenty-six commitments for more transparent and collaborative government in five fields :

  • Guaranteeing accountability
  • Consulting, cooperating and jointly shaping government
  • Sharing digital resources needed for social and economic innovation
  • Continuing to open up government
  • Ensuring open government with regard to climate and sustainable development


‘Revitalising our democracy’

By promoting a more open and collaborative method of developing our public policy, the aim is to ‘revitalise our democracy’, in the words of the French President, François Hollande, who put his signature to the plan’s foreword.

‘This document is a first step,’ writes François Hollande, and ‘many more are to follow.’ The state will strive to make constant progress towards government that is more open to consultation and the contributions from the public in order to ensure collective efficiency.

An action plan produced jointly with civil society and public authorities

The national action plan for transparent and collaborative government is the result of lengthy consultation with civil society, within French government and public authorities, and with independent authorities.

France in the Open Government Partnership

Shortly after joining the OGP in 2014, France was elected to the OGP Steering Committee, starting in October 2014 for two years.

France has taken over as Lead Chair on September 20th, 2016, conjointly with Manish Bapna from the World Resources Institute.

As Lead Chair, France will organize the Open Government Partnership 2016 Global Summit in Paris on December 7, 8 and 9.


> Download For a transparent and collaborative Government: France national action plan - 2015-2017 (pdf)

3906 reads