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About the SGMAP

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Who we are
Who we are

The Secretariat-General for Government Modernisation (secrétariat général pour la modernisation de l’action publique, SGMAP) is a Prime Ministerial department that provides assistance to the French Government for implementation of government reform and support to public authorities for their modernisation projects. It encourages the public sector to take on board new ways of designing and pursuing public policy. Putting the public at the heart of its goals and methods, the SGMAP is working for more efficient government. It is developing and deploying digital technology in government in order to tailor services to the public’s needs and customs.

The SGMAP is helping French authorities to :

  • manage change,
  • introduce innovative procedures,
  • improve quality of service to users,
  • develop and deploy digital technology,
  • promote transparent and collaborative government.

Supporting change

From public policy evaluation to implementation of change, the SGMAP examines the efficiency and effectiveness of public policies and provides support for modernisation of public services. The SGMAP seeks to make government more efficient, more readily understandable and better tailored to the public’s needs.

Simplifying regulation and administrative procedures

Simplification of regulation and administrative procedures government - a programme decided at the highest level of the French state - meets a strong demand from individuals, businesses and French local authorities. Within the SGMAP, the Simplification Task Force coordinates the process and provides support to ministries and institutional partners. The programme It is based on a participatory approach in which users are involved at every stage: from choice of measures to assessment of their implementation.  

Introducing and deploying innovative methods

The SGMAP is bringing in innovative projects and methods: nudge, co-construction, solution prototyping, social media for management, and participative innovation. For instance, the SGMAP organises citizens’ workshops to increase the involvement of French citizens in public decision-making and is providing them with innovative tools and with platforms to facilitate joint construction of a more inclusive democracy. Every year since 2014, the SGMAP holds the « Public Innovation Week » which promotes innovative projects developed in public administrations.

Improving quality of service to users

The SGMAP encourages public administrations to innovate in their relations with users. It regularly carries out quantitative and qualitative research that it makes available to French public authorities.

Developing and deploying digital technology

The SGMAP works to spread digital literacy in public administrations and use the potential of digital technology to improve relations with users, as in the case of France Connect, an identification and authentication system that offers French users universal online access to public authorities.
The SGMAP has also been piloting the ‘government start-up’ model: hosting start-ups designing new services for French users.  

Promoting transparent and collaborative government

The SGMAP provides support to French public authorities regarding open data and open-data reuse through the collaborative platform and by organising open-data camps and ‘data connection’ competitions that make awards for the best reuse of public data.

Since joining the Open Government Partnership in 2014, France has pledged to institute more transparent and collaborative government. Its national action plan, containing 26 commitments for 2015-2017, was the result of joint work by civil society and public authorities and is being monitored by an independent international committee.

As co-chair of the Open Government Partnership (OGP), France will host its fourth Global Summit in Paris from December 7 to December 9 2016.

3530 reads